Monday, May 03, 2010

Glass Bottle Recycling

Here in Hong Kong you can find recycling facilities for papers, plastic bottles, dated appliances... but nothing for glass bottles.  The costs of recycling, as it were and was often said, prohibitively high.  Glad to read from today's papers that the Hong Chi Association (a non-profit making organisation to help people with intellectual disabilities) is going to launch a glass bottle recycling campaign.  The only bad news is that they only have one collection point on the island side in stage one, which is far from where I live.  Details here.

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Joyce Lau said...

Hello Sor Lo,
It's Joyce from Joyceyland.
Thanks for linking to my blog.
And thanks for the tip on glass recycling! Of course, none of the depots are close to my home or office... but it's a start.
We probably go through five wine bottles a week chez Joyceyland, and I always felt bad about that.

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