Monday, January 31, 2011

Some People Never Change

I wrote about my cousin not too long ago (People change, myself included).  How embarrassing it is that I have to correct myself so soon.  Some people never change, never ever. 

I just can't believe it.  The whole re-establishing a connection thing turns out to be part of my cousin's and her dear sister's plan to dump their mother.

My dear elder cousin called my father from Australia.  After 10 minutes of nonsense he told my father that he and his sister had had enough of their mother and decided to relocate her to Hong Kong.  He informed us that he had planned to let her stay with us for "a period of time".  What the hell!  You did not call for 20 years and suddenly you ask us to adopt your mom?!  You may well consider your garden house in Sydney suburb too small for a family of four, or you don't have any money left after buying a house as a wedding gift for your son, but your mom is none of our business.  YOUR mom is YOUR mom, not OURS.  WE ARE NOT GOING TO ADOPT HER.  END OF DISCUSSION.  PERIOD.


YTSL said...

Oh dear! So sad to learn that you had to re-correct yourself about your cousin. I'm sure this entry was hard for you to write. My commiserations.

W said...

I was angry for a while, that's it. Didn't expect too much in the first place. I told the story to a colleague and she calls it the 2nd most entertaining story she's heard so far this year. (The most entertaining one must be Stanley Ho's one.)

Aileen said...

OMG. I just came back from CNY visiting after being subjected to family nonsense and then I read this and....!!!!!!!!

From someone who really struggles with keeping her anger in check at such behavior - you really are the better person for walking away without taking a swing at them. It's not worth the police record. (But it's worth umpteen pats on the back for the effort!)

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