Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Bad) Telephone Manner

I must admit I have the worst of all bad telephone manners - I don't answer calls.

Ever since the first day I got a mobile day I have permanently left my phone on vibration mode.  Don't know why but I absolutely hate my phone making a sound.  The result - I always miss calls, a lot of calls.

As one of my self-imposed, crazy, nonsensical, Monkish and annoying to everyone but myself rules that I adhere to religiously, I don't answer calls when I'm having a conservation, in a restaurant (any restaurants, be it McDonald's or one in the Michelin),  or traveling in a bus, MTR, ferry or whatever means of public transport.  Incoming calls are intrusive.  I hate being intruded and avoid intruding into people's life.  The Blackberry/Android/I-Phone have come to my rescue.  I can sms/whatsApp first to confirm it is OK to call.  And I can tell people they should sms/WhatsApp/email me instead of calling me.  Love it.  Great.


Aileen said...

Uh, is there ANY time you answer your phone? No don't answer that. I don't get to ask, since I can rarely hear my phone in my bag and much prefer to email, text or app if I'm doing the calling anyway. Arguably, I speak to the hub a lot more in this way than in person too and (and we're both fine with it) :D

dora said...

Amazing. You're the only person I know of, other than myself,that do not answer calls!

Basically, if I don't feel like putting down what I'm doing to answer a call, I don't. It annoys my parents to no end.

Unfortunately, my boss found out about my habit and it didn't go down too well. I'm now being trained and threatened into picking up the phone!

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