Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comments Moderation

A fellow blogger has been receiving comments from those who don't know the difference between the right to speak and the right to bully.  As I'll hate to see this little personal blog turn into a mud wrestling field, I do moderate comments.  Luckily I seldom get nasty comments from my readers and I have deleted comments from no more than 2 individuals.  The first of whom was too keen to find out who I am, comments deleted; the other had the tendency to post some nasty remarks about another reader of mine, comments deleted.  When I delete a comment, I ignore it completely.  No rebuttal; no reply.  It always works.  People disappear after being ignored a few times.  It's probably not very polite of me to completely ignore a comment but, hey, not all comments deserve a reply, do they?  And, more importantly, I consider it rude and unfair to the one whose comment gets deleted if I comment on his/her comment after exercising my right to delete it.  So, as a rule, I don't mention deleted comments.  They just silently disappear.

I love the delete key.


chris m said...

Definitely the wisest policy. Moderating prevents spam too.

nulle said...

Guess what, now mainland chinese caught red-handed urinating on MTR trains!

what's next, mainland chinese defecating on MTR trains before anyone does anything about this?

nulle said...

Guess what, I spoke too soon...mainland chinese defecating red-handed on MTR trains at 8 in the weekday morning (and on public streets!)

Posted on TST, "Hong Kong Dogs, without us mainlanders, HK would not be so famous...Going against us, hope you 7 million HKers all die ASAP."

Mainland chinese deliberately eating lunchboxes on MTR

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