Monday, June 14, 2010

Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold

Every now and then I get haunted by tunes that keeps replaying in my head.  It can go on for hours, and sometimes on and off for a couple of days.  It may well be due to a disorder with a fancy name that one of the patients of Oliver Sacks was found to have suffered, as described by Sacks in his interesting book Musicophilia.   This morning, awaken by the rain at 3 a.m., my brain decided to play Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold.  And it is still ringing in my head now.  Although I really love Eva Cassidy's cover of the song (I hope I won't get stoned by Sting's fans - I love it more than Sting's version), I don't feel like Eva Cassidy right now.  Hey, my dear little brain, whatever your reason for playing it, please stop.

Eva Cassidy's Field of Gold from Live at Blues Alley (a great album by the way)

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