Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vadim Mazo First Recital in Hong Kong

Just back from Vadim's mini recital at the newly opened Geofferik Studio in Causeway Bay.  (Something about Vadim here).

The programme:

Prelude and Allegro (Kreisler)
Sonatina in 4 movements (Dvorak)
Romance in F (Beethoven)
Meditation from Thais (Massnet)
Etude (Fiorillo)
Fishermen Song (Koichi Kishi)

Violin: Vadim Mazo
Piano: Li, Geoff Erik

The Etude by Fiorillo is added as a reminder to the students that an etude is a song, not an exercise, and should be practised and played as a song.  The Fishermen Song, Hong Kong premiere probably, is a song written by a Koichi Kishi, a Japanese composer who died in the US at the age of 29.

It is indeed my great pleasure to be at the recital.  I came to know Vadim two and a half years ago when he came here to teach.  We became good friends during our week's stay in St. Petersburg in the Summer that followed.  Vadim is the most devoted and passionate music teacher I have ever met.  Educating the younger generation and passing his knowledge to them is his priority, an self-imposed task, a mission and an uncompromisable part of his life.  Despite his not very good health, he is back to Asia with his violin and his passion for music and life.

Vadim is also bringing Tomoko from Japan, an adorable violin teacher whom kids really love.  He says he needs to learn a few things from her as to how to deal with the younger violin learners.  Tomoko is arriving in Hong Kong on Tuesday and we will be having dinner together on Thursday after my daughter's lesson with them.  Can't feel more happy and excited.

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