Monday, June 28, 2010

Report Card

ISF is now distributing report cards by electronic means.  Despite all the emails and SMS reminders, my wife and I somehow managed to completely forget about the latest report card.  Should we declare victory over schooling or call ourselves lazy parents?

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gweipo said...

hahaha, we also forgot, and then a couple of days later remembered that school had ended and printed them out.

I like it this way, it takes the pressure off the kids to bring home a report card with all the emotional loading that may imply for some of them.

W said...

I agree. I still remember how scary it was to bring the report cards home for my mum's attention and signature. (In primary and lower secondary, I managed to fail most of the subjects. I read a lot but hated textbooks and lessons with a passion.)

gweipo said...

so there's hope for my poor little boy!

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