Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hong Kong Book Fair and Stephen Fry

Although you are not going to see Chrissie Chau and other underage pseudo models in person, this year speaker lineup for the Hong Kong Book Fair has its own attraction.  The guest speakers include:
    • Han Han, Chinese blogger, named one of the "100 most influential people" by Time Magazine;
    •  Frederick Forsyth, author of thriller books The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Dogs of War and The Devil's Alternative;
    • Stephen Fry, actor, comedian, author and Twitter user with more thn 1.57 million followers;
    • Andrew Roberts, historian and author of Hitler and Churchill;
    • Jade Y Chen, best-selling novelist and playwright from Germany.
    To take part in the guest speaker forums, you have to register ahead of time.  Act now.  Chances are that all the places for Han's and Fry's forums will be taken very quickly.

    Here is Stephen Fry. (If you, quite understandably, don't want to see too much of Ann Widdecombe, jump to 1:15).

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