Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two More Days To Go

I did not blog in the past week as I was heavily involved in a piece of work which took up more than 16 hours of any day of mine.  With 4 or so hours of sleep everyday I really didn't think I could produce something marginally worth reading.  Luckily, in 2 days' time, I can have my vacation, a much overdue vacation.  Save that I know where my wife will take me to, I have no idea what she has planned for the vacation.  I do know, however, I am going to enjoy whatever she has planned.

I am going to leave my heavy gear at home and take nothing but a toy camera with me.  It's a Yashica EZ F521.  I am always a big fan of Yashica/Contax. Although it costs me no more than HK$680 (about US$87), it has everything I want - an optical viewfinder and a fixed-focal lens which is not too slow (it has a 42.5mm f.3.0 lens).  This 100% plastic little camera is amazingly light, lighter than my very light Summicron 50/2 alone.  I'll write a review of this little Yashica when I'm back from vacation.

To make this vacation a real vacation, I'll be away from phone, computer and internet.  So, there will be no update to this blog before August 13th.


gweipo said...

fun. My first 'real' film camera 28 years ago was a Yashica and it took brilliant photos.
Then something mundane broke down and the guy that was supposed to fix it messed it up so badly that it was useless after that. But I still have some brilliant slides I took with it all those years ago.

Joyce Lau said...

I know how you feel. I have 3 days more of work, then 2 days off in Hong Kong -- and then off to France and Canada! Whoo hoo!
I'm like a kid counting down the days before the end of school.
But... in the next 2 days, I have to finish writing two more lengthy stories. It's a real rush -- but I think it's always like that right before you go on vacation.
You always have a pile to finish before you go.
Have a wonderful time.

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