Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Quick Rreview

This blog has been up for a few months.  It's time for a quick review.

1. Microsoft is out

2. The Metro Vocal Group is in
I notice that in the last few days, quite a number of the new readers were directed by Google to this post as they were googling "Metro Vocal Group". They were from everywhere: Thailand, the Netherlands, New Zealand and ... Romania and Russia?  It seems that people all over the world are suddenly interested in the Metro Vocalists. Their new video "Under a Vast Sky" got almost 100,000 hits in less than 3 days.

3. Top referral site
Gweipo leads by a big margin, followed by Joyce and Ulaca.

4. Apparently most loved post
On fatherhood.  Surprisingly, people like it.  I guess the cute video helps.

5. Apparently most influential post
On fatherhood again. One reader said in a private comment that he (or she) may reconsider the kids issue.

6. The worst post (nominated by SorLo)
Application for permission to date my daughter. It's a shameless copy and paste, and completely devoid of originality. (But I know parents in  my situation will forgive me.)

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