Monday, September 27, 2010

Evelyn Glennie and CIty Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong Again

Glad that we attended virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Clennie's concert on Sept 25. What an evening.

Seldom do I immediately fall in love with a modern piece but I love the Marimba Concerto by Alexis Alrich. A surprise to myself as I am neither a big fan of modern music, nor the marimba. The concerto does not try to impress by presenting a grand structure but is extremely picturesque. Listening to it I can actually see some ancient caravan merchants carrying loads of silk and china, spices and jewels, leaving Xian from the East and Byzantine from the West, entering the desert with dreams of wealth and glory. The composer, Alexis Alrich, was among the audience witnessing the premiere of her concerto. She must be proud of her work and glad that the concerto was so well received.

Evelyn Glennie is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in November to raise funds for AbleChildAfrica. You can make a donation through JustGiving.


YTSL said...

Ooooo Sor Lo,

I was at the concert too! Particularly loved Evelyn Glennie's two encores. Thought they were jawdroppingly amazing. :)

W said...

I love the encores too. BTW, do you know the 2nd encore. It sounds familiar but I'm not sure what exactly it is.

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