Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tribute to the Disturbed Expatriate Women’s Canine-Worship Cult and AFCD

A puppy called Garland, newly adopted from Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), was lost in April 2010. Its owner was devastated and felt guilty for its loss. The HKDR volunteers and members of DEWCWC (Disturbed Expatriate Women’s Canine-Worship Cult, as a popular gweilo blogger prefers to call them) had been searching for Garland in the Pokfulam area since April. Bad luck. No trace of Garland. Finally, members of DEWCWC had to give up. After all there did not seem to be any real chance for a puppy to survive on its own for so long.

Two days ago, Garland was sighted in the area off Victoria Road near West Island School. In very poor shape though, it was Garland. Its overbite (upper jaw much longer than lower) was unmistakable. It turned out that Garland had been visiting a construction site along Victoria Road, where it could find some construction workers who were kind enough to share their lunch with her. The HKDR volunteers rushed to the site to try to catch her. It wasn't an easy job as you can imagine. The poor dog was so scared that it escaped from its rescuers. In despair, they called the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, which sent out a team as soon as they were called. They set up a trap and wait. Finally, they caught Garland. Hooray. My hat off to HKDR volunteers, members of DEWCWC, the construction workers and AFCD.

(Photo from HKDR's Facebook)


trodi said...

Hurray - happy ending!

ulaca said...

A fully paid up member of the WWW Western Women Who-love-animals-more-than-humans who works with my wife got her come-uppance the other day when the kitten she'd adopted and taken to her single home proved to be so clingy that the woman tripped over it and dislocated her shoulder. Off work for at least 3 months and all who have to work with her are very happy. And the kitten, one supposes.

W said...

Did the kitten get her smoked salmon?

Gweipo said...

could someone perhaps come and adopt the 2 ferral cats outside my building - this week would be perfect, just before they go on heat again and start yeowling day and night.

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