Friday, September 03, 2010

Hong Kong Eonomic Journal 信報

I have been reading HKEJ (Hong Kong Economic Journal, 信報) for over 20 years and been feeling proud of it. Not only is it the highest quality newspapers in Chinese language, it is in fact more readable than many big names worldwide. There has been some recent changes that leave a nasty taste in my mouth. First the inclusion of the so-called LifeStyle, which is nothing but a collection of boorish advertisements of luxury items, then the sudden suspension of Chen Yun's column (陳雲 - 我私故我在) following his criticisms of some of the local property developers, and the announcement today that there will be a new property page (probably sponsored by one or more of the property giants), which is going to replace the following columns of the more out-spoken writers: [商思話] 程逸; [繁星哲語] 梁巨鴻, 朱耀偉, 王建元, 梁燕城, 陳載禮, 郭少棠, 文潔華, 陶國璋; [文耕草莽] 文啟明; [上海通信] 柳葉, 毛尖, 張惠清, 愷蒂...

What the hell!? Not even a note of thanks to the out-going writers? People like 程逸 have been there since the day HKEJ was born! Don't tell me these are not murders en masse committed by the new owners of HKEJ and his friends in the Hong Kong Property Empire. I am not a three-year-old.

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